Click Here to view a list of some of our food items and what allergens they contain.

If your child has a food allergy which is non-life threatening you may complete an Account Restriction (Click Here) form found on our website. For any Life threatening food allergies or if a student is considered disabled and needs assistance with their meal please complete the Food Allergy/Special Diet Form (Click Here). Print and take to your Physician for completion. Return one copy to Child Nutrition and one to the school nurse. To learn more about food allergies please click on the web address below.


Milk Allergy: WSISD does not offer a milk substitute for milk. The student may ask for a cup to obtain water or purchase bottle water or juice if a beverage is desired. A reimbursable meal consists of 5 components: Protein, Bread, Vegetable, Fruit, and Milk. Three of these components must be on the tray to receive the meal price. The cashier will encourage your student to pick up another item if they have only 2 components on their plate. If the student wishes to only buy one or two components, individual prices will be charged.     

*** It is the responsibility of the parent to review the menu and communicate to their child regarding what food choices they can and cannot have daily. A copy of the menu is available at the schools and by clicking here ***



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