Graphic for Meal Prices Table
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Elementary $1.30 $2.30  
Fine Arts $1.30 $2.30  
Tannahill  $1.30 $2.30
Middle School  $1.30
High School  $1.30
Teachers & Staff $2.00 $3.20  
Guests & Visitors $2.20 $3.60  
Child Guest  $1.50 $2.40  
Extra Entree $0.85 $1.50    

Purchasing a meal is the best deal for your money!  To be charged the meal price instead of a la carte pricing, the student must take 1 serving of at least 3 of the 5 food groups offered.  One of those items must be a fruit or vegetable.

The 5 food groups offered are:

-Protein                                                               -Fruit (High school students may take 2 fruits or 1 fruit & 1 juice)

-Grain                                                                   -Milk     

-Vegetable (may take one of each offered)

*Some of our items can count as both a protein and a grain: hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, spaghetti & meatballs.

If the student selects items that are not within these guidelines, they will be charged the a al carte prices.  They will also be charged extra if they take multiple servings of an item.  Please see the following for our Breakfast Prices and Lunch Prices  

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