Children need healthy meals to learn and grow. White Settlement ISD offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free or reduced-price meals if your household income falls within the limits on the following Income Charts:

Please Apply On-line Using SchoolCafe 

We recommend everyone apply on-line using our secure website. 

This is a fast process. Thank you!

Go to Schoolcafe (click on green button for Schoolcafe on the left side of the screen) to apply for Free and Reduced Meals. Go to your current Schoolcafé account you used this past year, log on, and go to “Apply for Free or Reduced Benefits”.

To make an account, go to Schoolcafe, register, add your students to your account, then go to “Apply for Free or Reduced Benefits”. 

Paper Application: If you prefer a paper application, they will be sent home the first week of school. They are always available in the school office. Only one application per family is needed.

2018-19 WSISD Students:  If you had free or reduced meals last school year you have until Oct 2, 2018 to complete a new meal application.  After the 3rd , benefits change to paid status. For those who received a letter that you have been Pre-Approved through Direct Certification, you do not need to do anything else. 

New Students: New student applications cannot be processed until they are enrolled. Once they are in the computer, we can activate their application. Please send money or a lunch for your student until approved.

Approval: Once the application is approved by the Child Nutrition Dept., benefits of free or reduced meals will begin immediately. Please call or email us if it has been 4-5 days and you have not received notification of approval.  

Confidentiality:  Your child’s lunch status of free, reduced, or paid meals is kept confidential. Our software program uses a coding system to determine meal status. Every student is required to provide their lunch ID number (the teacher assists the younger students) for any purchases. Therefore paid, reduced, or free meal students all have the same procedures.

Direct Certification:  Each year TDA makes available information about children who qualify for food stamps and were enrolled in the school district during the prior year. This is known as direct certification (DC). 

If you have other students in your household who were not listed on your approval letter, please contact the Child Nutrition Office: 817-367-1310 so we may add these students as approved. 

WSISD Child Nutrition Office | 700 Odie Street | White Settlement, TX 76108 | (817) 367-1310 | Fax (817) 367-1223

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